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That means you can have as many audio sources as you wish to one CD for £9.50! Audio CDs are 80mins duration. MP3 CDs can be considerably longer and are priced at £9.50 per 80 mins duration.

ANY AUDIO FORMAT transferred to CD from £9.50


If you no longer have a working record player/turntable, cassette, reel to reel or MiniDisc player then this option is for you! This will allow you to play your favourite albums again on your CD player! 

These are from £9.50*^ per CD.

Each CD can contain up to 80 mins. of audio. We can also produce mp3 CDs which requires an mp3 CD player. These are from £9.50*^ per 80 mins. of audio. The original media is returned. The CD will be inkjet text labelled and presented in a half-size CD labelled case.
^Other labelling and cases are offered as optional extras.
(Please note one CD copy per single/LP/cassette permissible by law unless it is original material and you own the copyright in which case further copies of the same disc are available at reduced prices.)

Tel: (01983)731251
Mob: 0776 020 3113

*Prices as from 10 February 2016.

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